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Highlights Of Our Wonderful  Schools

  Hot Springs Village has fabulous education available to our children at two of the best school districts in Arkansas,

Fountain School District
Jessieville School District

Both schools allow your children to become an individual and not become just a # as in many of the larger schools.

Fountain Lake School District  is one of seven K-12 independent school districts in Garland County, Arkansas. The district serves an area of 186 square miles  and has students from both Hot Springs and Hot Springs Village.

School Mascot - Cobra
School Colors - Purple & Gold
Grades - Pre K - 12
K-12 Accredited by North Central Association of Secondary Schools & Colleges
Enrollment - 1200 students
Certified Staff - 80
Non-Certified Staff - 44
Athletic Classification - AAAA
School Hours: 8:00 - 3:09

Academics - Fountain Lake is very focus on it's academics and it show in the Annual academic report supplied to each parent every year by the State of Arkansas. Click here to review Fountain Lake's past reports.

Sports - Click on the word sports to the left to check out the awesome sport programs available at Jessieville.  Some of their programs are listed below:

Tennis - Pratt/Bleifus won 1st place in men's doubles
Volleyball - Congratulations to the Senior High Lady Cobra Volleyball Team! The Cobras placed fourth overall in the AAAA State Division

East Lab - These computer based classes have been introduced at many schools all over the state.  Fountain Lake has taken this program very serious and won many state and national award.  Because of the program, many students have received full scholarships to college along with a laptop computer to use throughout their collage career.  East Lab Project National Website

Listed below are some of the projects the FL students are currently involved in.  What a better way to get students interested in a career field, such as computers than hands on experience.

  • “The Making of a Masterpiece” - A film on the Hot Springs art movement beginning in 1973 until the present. The film won the Governor’s My Documentary award for Outstanding Content and Theme, was shown last October at the HSDFI Festival, was the feature for a grant received by the HSDFI for the 2006 Arkansas Heritage Month in May of 2006. The film had a feature showing May 9 and will be distributed to over three hundred libraries in the state.
  • Campus Layout Project - This is an ambitious project where a large team of Cobra EAST students are building our campus in 3-D using a software called ArchiCAD 10. Note: Jason Ugartechea who graduated last May was hired to help design homes for a large building company in Las Vegas. Benito Ugartechea who graduated in May, 2005 has also been hired by the company to do database work.
  • Hot Springs National Park Mapping Project - A great project that involved the Garland County EAST Labs and the staff of the Hot Springs National Park. Ten students working on grants from the Morris Foundation and the Arkansas State Department of Education mapped the trails of the National Park and created a website to showcase the trails and information about the trails. This website is now located on the US Park Service website. www.nps.gov This is an ongoing project that will utilize not only GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and GPS (Geographical Positioning Systems) and website design but Computer Aided Drafting software, film editing, photography and virtual reality.
  • Fountain Lake High School Website - The students of Cobra EAST design and help maintain the school website. http://flcobra.k12.ar.us
  • The Middle Fork Video - A short film that will showcase the Middle Fork of the Saline River
  • The Cigarette Butt Waste Documentary - This film deals with problems of cigarette butt waste and hopefully will be used to educate people to the ills of this waste.
  • Operation School Pad - This is an ongoing project where students have created tutorials for using the school pad, posted those tutorials on the Fountain Lake website, and trained teachers on how to utilize the pads in their classrooms. The student have also presented to various groups on the benefits of the school pad technology.
  • Fountain Lake School District Video - Students are creating an informational and promotional video on our school district.

Newspaper Online - FL has a fabulous _____ department.  Visit their newspaper online site.

Talent Search - The Educational Talent Search Program at National Park Community College is a free federally funded TRIO project designed to encourage students in grades 7-12 in the Garland County area to complete high school and develop their plans to attend a postsecondary educational program. This program identifies and assists individuals who have the potential to succeed in higher education. It provides academic, career, and financial counseling to its participants and encourages them to graduate from high school and continue on to the postsecondary institution of their choice

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Jessieville Schools District is know for of its many strengths.  Listed below are only a few:

School Mascot - Lions
School Colors - Blue & White
Grades - Pre K - 12
K-12 Accredited by North Central Association of Secondary Schools & Colleges
Enrollment -  880 students
Certified Staff - 50
Non-Certified Staff - 35
Athletic Classification - AA
School Hours: 8:00 - 3:10

Academics - Jessieville is very focus on it's academics and it show in the Annual academic report supplied to each parent every year by the State of Arkansas.Click here to review Jessieville's past reports.

Senior have an opportunity to earn college credits during their senior year.  This will help build their confidence when going off to school and also help the parents overall pocket book when it comes to tuition.  Click here to see some of the courses your senior can take for college credit.

Parent involvement - Many times schools do not welcome parental involvement.  Jessieville is an exception to that rule.  They believe parents have an important role in the education of their children.  Listed below are only a few of the many advantages there are in the Jessieville School District for parent involvement:

  • Parental Involvement Plan
  • How often do you hear of this?  Jessieville Middle School held a Benchmark parent meeting on August 29, 2006 for all the parents to take a practice Benchmark test. The purpose of this was so that parents could have a better understanding of the test. They heard the differences between the Iowa and the Benchmark test. At the meeting, they also got their students' scores on the Benchmark test. They had an opportunity to ask faculty members questions about the Benchmark test.
  • Parent Resource Center - They have several resources available to parents in the Parent Resource Center located in the Elementary Library, such as books and videos that can be checked out by parents/guardians.

Sports - Click on the word sports to the left to check out the awesome sport programs available at Jessieville.  Some of their programs are listed below:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Track
  • Cheerleading

Tutoring Programs - Jessieville is know far and wide for it's awesome tutoring program.  They have been blessed with many Hot Springs Village residents who give their hearts and time to any child that needs help!  Jessieville gives a reception every year to thanks each of these volunteers for their time and commitment.

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